CASINOS in & near SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - 2021 up-to-date list

FBI Raids San Diego-Area Casinos (Seven Mile Casino and Black Jack Palomar Casino card houses)

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Recommendations for a casino in the San Diego area?

I'm visiting San Diego, CA for 7 days in March from New Zealand. I play poker quite regularly and want to play whilst in San Diego. Whilst I'm visiting for work reasons I have 3 complete days off. These are Saturday, Sunday and Friday.
I wrongly assumed until recently that all of the casinos on this page ( would be in the Downtown area of San Diego and had scoped out how to get there using public transport. I realise now most of them are out of town.
So, any recommendations for where I should play? I realise now I'll need to rent a car and am happy to drive for 30 to 45 minutes from La Jolla where I am staying. I have a poker budget of around US$600 for my 3 potential days of poker. I would prefer to play tournaments to ring games. Does a kind redditor want to show me around their favourite casino?
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[HZD2] Location scouting is fun

So we've already established San Francisco: and and well as Yosemite: (reference: )
This looks like the famous (among scuba divers) kelp forests off the Monterey, CA, coast to me: (reference: )
And this might be what's left of a solar power plant in the Mojave desert: (reference: )
This might be Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ: (reference: )
Anything else you've spotted and would like to add? How about the tropical Pacific location with crabs and coconut palms in the beginning? Could that be Hawaii? Or even Tahiti/Bora Bora?
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The 4 Horsemen. and the Illuminati.

The 4 Horsemen. and the Illuminati.
I have not decided yet to remain anonymous or to reveal who i am. I just want to say that my memories started to come back to me shortly after my 40th birthday. I am now 44. I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca. I am of Mexican descent, both my parents are from Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico. All of what I'm going to say is true to the best of my recollection.
I was born with the spirit of King David. please bare with me as I explain a little more. I received visions and could hear them speak earlier in my childhood. but I didn't understand them. I witnessed Adam descending to me, first he spoke to YAWEH, and than began to descend to my birth. I saw the Earth at night. but you could see lights like little dots lighting up the cities. as Adam came down to me, Eve followed him down to earth. Adam said to Eve I need to get down to him because he is only going to survive for a little while 7 hours., I need to get down to him, Eve ended up not following him at first she went towards another part of the earth around the middle east somewhere. When she landed I heard her scream in terror. she than ascended and said do not go were she had gone, ever. She than followed Adam to me. But right before she did she asked Yahweh. Where the antichrist was going to be born? and Yahweh told her Hawaii. Eve asked him "if he was going find him?". I don't remember what his reply was. I think it was yes.
On the Day of my baptismal, I wasn't 1 yet. I was baptized in Tijuana B.C. is when I first heard King David speak, while I was being baptized I heard King David say "I'm David, I'm David" he was speaking within me. He kept on repeating it like he was trying to get someone's attention. I believe it's because King David was Hebrew, and I was in the middle of being baptized catholic. After the ceremony I remember a priest putting his head down to me like he could hear King David, and told me to ask for the 7 virtues, this is the first time I remember seeing a man named Dave Wilcox. He is a Mexican man a soothsayer someone who could also mesmerize people. He knew who I was carrying within me. He took me to the priest after he was able to hear King David during the baptism. Dave Wilcox is an Evil person, and I do not forgive him. he is never to be trusted. I saw Dave wave his finger in front of the priest eyes from left to right and they told him to forget.
I remember that night, after the baptismal I remember Dave Wilcox taking me from my home at night to go see Groucho Marx. Groucho was sick in his bed when Dave took me to him Milton Berle was at his bed side. Groucho was old and sick he didn't get out of his bed, Dave put me in his arms Groucho looked at me and made a joke something like " Its going to fit perfectly on his forehead" something like that. I remember Milton Berle chuckling a little. Groucho than cradled me in his arms and I began to cry. Groucho Than said "don't cry because uncle Milton doesn't like crybabies". Dave than took me from his arms, as I was lifted I had left some type of residue on him. It was a shiny residue, Groucho noticed it too and looked amazed, and confused.
When I was 4 years old my family lived in Imperial Beach. Ca. There was a elementary school nearby. Bayside elementary. I was to attend preschool there. The Day before my first day of preschool. this Woman who i will refer to as "the witch" appeared to my mother, I remember her from my birth, she was present on the day of my birth. She is a white woman with long blond wavy hair, a chubby woman. She did the same technique to my mother that Dave had done to the priest . She mesmerized my mom and told her to take me to see an aunt called "Cuca". The witch admitted that she was doing it out of envy. my mother complied . she took me to go see my aunt . when we got to my aunts place my mom had to run some errands and left me under my aunts care. Well my aunt immediately took me to a neighboring home. It was a half empty apartment, there was a table with a bunch of people sitting around it . on the table I saw a board with a circle and a bunch of drawings of heads around the circle like numbers on the face of a clock face. in the middle there was an object that I can only describe as a large drinking bird . that could tap on the pictures on the board it was able to rotate around to do so. there was a small bust of Jesus Malverde, and I remember a small grey alien doll sitting at the table. my aunt told me to walk around the table and was followed behind by the people sitting around the table . we all walked around the table in a line and the sat back down. than i saw the drinking bird start to tap on the faces on the board in a random pattern. I than stood a little bit away from them and started to see little balls of light coming towards me. after I remember my aunt taking me out of the apartment and we waited a bit outside for my mom to return. while we stood outside I heard a voice scorn her and what have you done. se replied that they were going to take "them" from me. They being Adam, Eve, and King David. the spirits I was born with. she knew what they were going to do to me the next day. shortly my mom arrived and took me home.


On my first day of preschool my mom had gotten me ready to go for my first day of school, as we walked out of our home there was the witch again, waiting outside our gate, she told my mom that she herself would take me to school not my mother. My mom did as she asked with no hesitation. The woman took me to school. The school was only 5 small blocks away from were we lived. I did as i was told. Instead of taking me to my class on my very first day of school, she took me to an office with no one in it. The woman directed me to stand in front of her with my back to her she told me to first put my right hand on a table that was next to us and she told me to close my eyes I complied. When I close my eyes I felt her place what I felt to be a birds claw on my hand , as she pulled the birds claw off my hand it had left a residue. Than I opened my eyes and another white woman, a brunette with long hair stepped into the room. She didn't say who she was only that she had a son who wanted to be president, and I could help him become president. she showed me card she had in her hand, it was a picture of Adam from Hieronymus Bosch the garden of earthly delights. She than said my son looks just like Adam." you're going to give him to my son" she told me . "they want him to be that other guy who has sex with all those women but I won't let that happen". still I didn't know what she was talking about. She than showed me a picture of Jesus from the same painting, she told me later I was going to receive this man. still i had no idea who she was referring to. She stood up, as before she was kneeling down to speak to me. than that brunette called out for "Barry". "his name is Barry Sotello" she said. by now we all know Barry Sotello real name is Barrack Obama. "Barry" walked in wearing a cream color members only jacket he knelt down in front of me an said you're my spiritual brother, you can grant wishes. He than asked the woman who had brought me to the office if they had used the grimoire she than replied that they had used they greater key of Solomon. he talked to her like he was her boss. Barracks mom than drew a line under his right eye with a makeup pencil, after she did the same to me, except she only drew the line half way on me. she said that it would grow to full size when I met him. Who "him" was i don't know. Than barrack made a wish, he said " I want to be president and I want power". they than asked what I wanted to be and I think I said fireman or I don't know, barrack than said "wait I thought you wanted to be superman " I than said" yes. I want to be superman." they told me to swipe under his right eye with the hand that had the resin from the birds claw. I did as I was told, barrack than kind of leaned away from me and sucked in air like he was inhaling something. He knelt down in front of me and gave me a hug. "as he walked away I could hear a voice inside me say "don't go!" it was the voice of a woman. it was Eve that was calling out to Adam. "they want me to be a farmer" he replied and "this is a grown up". Barry than walked away he acted arrogant towards me. This happened in 1979. The next day it happened again.

these were the pictures they showed me Adam and Eve were cut into individual cards.
This time it was a woman named Hillary, I was taken to the same office as before, the same thing happened, the white woman again stood behind me and put a birds claw on my right hand and again it left a residue. She moved me to the center of the office were I could see and could be seen through window partitions towards a waiting area, and that's were I first saw her. Hillary was standing there looking at me, she was looking down at me. I remember her wearing a red dress. a door opened and she walked through it towards me smiling and gave me a big hug. she introduced herself and than showed me a picture of Eve from the same garden of earthly delights painting, it was a small cut out card the same as when Barry Sotelo mom showed me of Adam. Hillary showed me the picture of Eve and told me "this is what your mother looked like when she was young", she than began to act a little strange almost hesitant. I was going to swipe her with the residue like I had done to Barry. But She began to pull away from me and walk away, like she didn't want to go through it after all. But than she turned around almost like she had a second thought and said fuck it I'll take the swipe and she did. I swiped the residue under her eye and she did the same inhalation technique Barry did, she made a wish and asked to be secretary of the treasury and she also wanted power, she told me to also ask for power and not knowledge. She noticed that I had that residue on my hand and told me to save it for myself and to make a wish, this time I'm not sure if I made wish or not but I do remember asking for power because she told me to. After that she gave me a hug and told me to "wait for her". I resumed the rest of the school day. Not really remembering what I had done or gone through. I now remember the white woman who helped with the ritual, after the rituals were done she would pass her finger in front of my eyes from left to right and than saying that I was not going to remember what they did, almost like hypnotizing me or mesmerize me into forgetting. But after all this time my memories have come back to me.

Hillary and Bubba maybe. really really really young Hillary
On this day they really took advantage of me. After school , I went home. Some how the witch convinced my mother to go out somewhere and left me alone with her, she was after the spirit of King David. She noticed that I still had residue on my hand from earlier when I swiped Hillary. she brought a couple of young kids to me both of them white. I remember 1 was slender with a ball cap, the other one was fat, short hair cut. but both were older than me I was 4 they were about 11 around that age. the witch than made them do almost the same thing I had done with Barry and Hillary they both made wishes the thin one wanted to read peoples minds , marry one of my wives, and asked for King David , I swiped him. I remember that King David had left me but he came back as soon as the witch walked that kid outside, as they crossed my front window. I heard King David say" I'm back, I didn't go. I going to hide". I noticed that his voice had changed. That concerns me. I feel so much sadness remembering these days. the next one, the fat kid I remember I didn't have any more residue on my fingers but the witch still tried to make him wish for something . I barely remember what he asked for, it had something to do with my wife. that's about it . I also swiped him . With what ever was left from the residue. God please forgive me for what I have done. I feel so sad right now. all they wanted to do was take from me. and its because I'm not white. Barry is half white. The witch made it known to me that it was because I wasn't white is why she took them from me..... Fuck that Bitch.

Later that night it was Dave Wilcox turn to betray me. while me and my family were sleeping. Dave was able to wake me, from my room. he was standing outside and signaled for me to go outside and meet him. he took me towards a white limousine that was parked a short distance away. he took my hand and again Dave put the chicken foot on my hand right before we got into the white limousine. inside was Donald Trump. he had a lawyer sitting to his right, Dave took a seat towards the left side of the limousine, I stood in front of him, Donald already had a line drawn under his eye, he talked to me about having troubles in the locker room of his club, he was having urges towards men. he may have been feeling gay. and that i could fix that for him. again we did the same fucking ritual, he hugged me and asked for the spirit of Poseidon. now I distinctly remember that because he asked the lawyer and Dave " that's the guy who controls the oceans.. right?" they agreed. he told me to swipe him under his eye. I did. he than sat down and than arrogantly proclaimed that he was going to take my inevitable rights...Fuck that Puto. He than gave Dave a briefcase full of money that was supposed to be for me, but i never saw any of it, and since Dave Wilcox is part of the Sinaloa Cartel and Donald Trump did business with him well .. lets just say that shortly after it was The Sinaloa Cartel who harassed my father for the money. he was going to invest it and let it grow in a bank account but Dave and Joaquin Guzman Loera, went to the casinos because they were sure they could make more money gambling. They took the money away from my dad, because they were going to kill us. you know how they threaten people those that are poor even they're own kind will betray for money.
Through the years it kept on going like that, But this time it was mostly Dave who came around to manipulate and harass me into swiping people I did not know, including himself. Dave Wilcox is a very dark 2 faced individual. he used me to gain influence with people . I swiped Leo C. Tom C. Anthony H. and others, I don't remember to well. I don't have any ill will towards the entertainers except for Tom C. and L Ron Hubbard's Bullshit Religion. I remember Tom C telling me you're going to receive a very powerful Thetan one day I think he called him Bill, Thetan Bill or something like that. I remember Dave Miscavich also that big piece of human shit can go fuck himself, I actually saw Dave Wilcox kneel to Dave Miscavich shortly after I swiped him. I know I'm skipping a lot and I would like to say more, but I want to tell you about the politicians first because of the power they wield. My main concern is that they may be the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

this one will have meaning to Marco, he got caught.
The last politician is Marco Rubio his was one of the most recent swipes that I gave. Dave Wilcox again showed up but this time it's 2000 ish I'm not really sure the exact year but I do remember this. I am in my mid 20's at this time. I'm in my bed and I'm still living at home with my parents. my room faces the street outside. I live in a quiet neighborhood, a suburb. at night usually everyone is asleep during the really late hours like lets say 2 to 3 in the morning. any ways, That asshole Dave Wilcox woke me up he could see me through my window, I woke up and he said " hey There's some one out here who wants to meet you. get dressed and come outside". I don't know why but I felt compelled to do what he had told me to do. So I put on some pants, a shirt and went outside I don't even think I wore shoes I was barefoot. Dave immediately started to direct me on what to do it was mostly just to stand there., I look out and see that the street in front of my house had a bunch of people, some in cars some just standing there just watching. So I think first he introduces me to a girl she might have been Christina A, It seemed brief I don't remember much it was nice, than Dave Wilcox approaches holding the hand of a young white kid. he looks like Justin B. Dave and Justin are facing me, mind you Justin is only like 8 or 9 really young. they look at me and than Justin says i see a rainbow above him. and I'm not sure he may have hugged me and than walked away. than Dave told me that this guy wanted to make a hit record and had proclaimed earlier before I woke up that he had more knowledge about Satan than I did. That guy was Kanye W. he was given a controller, a small device, and was asked to walk south on my street far enough were I couldn't hear his voice or see him. than I was able to hear him but this time he was directing me on what to do " stand on one leg" he would say and i would do it. " jump, walk forward" stuff like that....Fuck that Puto also. any ways. Someone upstairs got pissed and told me to run after him and I believe beat him up or something because they did not like him. I was barefoot and I know it was Mohamed who told me that he was gonna protect my feet so they wouldn't hurt and go after him. so I did and I booked it at full speed towards Kanye. I grabbed him by his jacket, and he began to chuckle almost like he didn't understand that I was going to try to beat him up or something like that, by than Dave Wilcox and A White guy who is the leader of the Illuminati. later but not now I will explain more about him. so next I try to swing at Kanye and by that point he got the hint that I wasn't an admirer. Dave and The Illuminati guy who I will call Wilbur from now on, just because I don't remember his name. Any ways Dave and Wilbur told Kanye to take a hike so he did. he took off in his car, I'm speculating towards the Marina. So than Dave walks me towards the rest of the people who were on my street. I remember being kindly greeted by I think it was Bruno M. he was very kind and was crying a little bit he said I was special to him. Gwen S. I think she just stood and stared at me a little, I don't remember much of our interaction. Kim K and Kris K her mom were there also this time Kim K wanted a spirit from me and guess who she asked for? she asked for Eve another one wants Eve well they do the same fucking ritual. I'm not even sure if they put a chicken claw on my hand this time but they probably did. so again Kim ask for Eve but instead they gave her " the whore of Babylon". and she recognized that. she than told her mom that "they gave me the whore of Babylon?" almost like not sure why. Than her mom told her well we did choose vanity. her mom didn't seem upset. Kris than said something about finding her daughter and if I found her something could happen but since she's with Kanye now and they have a bunch of kids I am defiantly not interested. ugh. she has Kanye stank on her, also their was Wildur V. I heard a woman say that they needed a TV star there. also Wildur V, began to mock me and started to prance around me and said that he was an angel or acting like one, but it looked to me like he was making fun of me in a way. any ways he was taken away by them, I think they got the hint he was beginning to insult me. Ok so now they took me to man wearing a red ball cap he was dressed in a shirt and tie and definitely looked like he did not belong with the rest of the people I was meeting. it was Marco Rubio. A total square amongst the entertainers. he stuck out like a sore thumb he was on his knees all ready like a good little boy. all neat and proper. just like a sneaky low down coconut. I'm going to admit something to you. before they all came to me I was able to see all of them first some of them were in an apartment or hotel there meeting with each other and gathering up, Marco is not among them they come down to a couple of vans that were gonna take them to me, some drove theme selves in there own vehicles. anyways Marco met up with them down in the vans. they thought he was some kind of entertainment executive. and he acted like a square. on the way to me I saw The moon splitting in 2 and than a voice began to admonish Marco, telling him he wasn't going to get away with this, he acted like he didn't care... so than there we are, he is kneeling In front of me wearing a red ball cap and again we do the same fucking ritual. I swipe him and he receives the "General" I'm not sure who it was but I remember the voice that had told me that Kim was given the whore, Marco was given the General. Hopefully it was General Custer. and that's it. finally after all that shit was done I was ready to go to my room, Dave asked me if I wanted anything and I said No. I went to bed and after I went to lay down Dave again ask me to come outside they were going to give me something, I know what happened, I know who it was and I want to tell you that they did not let me feel anything I was completely numb and did not see who it was. and I will never say what happened. but I know god knows what happened.
Now there is a large gap in between my fourth year of life and my 20's but i do believe that the 4 horsemen are Barry, Hillary, Donald, and Marco. 2 democrats and 2 republicans a political pincer movement Democrips and Rebloodicans , 2 from the left 2 from the right. The antichrist is the black guy so that everyone will love him for overcoming so much, and becoming the first black president but the white power movement will use that for there own despicable needs. Even though they support an evil piece of shit like Donald, greedy, lying, dumb, arrogant Donald. that's the Devils plan. both sides are corrupted. evil whites will eat that shit up and have a reason to hate on Barry even more. the antichrist was going to let the Gays gat married, and he was going to be born in Hawaii. and that sucks because I voted for Barry twice... before I remembered everything. I am sad that it was Barry. the first black president should not have been the antichrist. us that are poor black and brown thought he was great. we loved him. and I feel betrayed. but he is who he is and I am ashamed that I took part in these rituals. I have a lot more that I remember, regarding Chapo Guzman, the freemasons, Ronald Reagan ,and the C freeman El Chart. but I'm going to save that for later because I'm tired and upset.
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If we being real, the East coast is better than the West.

We got NYC, Boston, Philly, DMV and the Carolinas, Atlanta, the Yams/Dade/Broward County area along with Orlando and Jacksonville.
West Coast really only has Cali and it’s few cities like LA, San Franciso (which is full of gays lol), the Bay Area, and San Diego (which is really only known for having good weather). When do you ever hear stuff happening out of Las Vegas, Nevada, other than when Mayweather is having a fight, prostitutes somehow being legal, casinos, or whatever? And don’t even bring up Washington or Oregon. Ain’t nobody talking about Lil Mosey and Macklemore for their cities or whatever even tho I love their music it’s the truth lol.
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What a USL D1 league might look like

TL;DR: Man with too much time on his hands goes deep down the rabbit hole on a concept this sub already didn’t seem that enthusiastic about. If you really want to skip ahead, CTRL+F “verdict” and it’ll get you there.
Two days ago, u/MrPhillyj2wns made a post asking whether USL should launch a D1 league in order to compete in Concacaf. From the top voted replies, it appears this made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.
But I’ve been at home for eight weeks and I am terribly, terribly bored.
So, I present to you this overview of what the USL pyramid might look like if Jake Edwards got a head of steam and attempted to establish a USSF-sanctioned first division. This is by no means an endorsement of such a proposal or even a suggestion that USL SHOULD do such a thing. It is merely an examination of whether they COULD.
Welcome to the Thunderdome USL Premiership
First, there are some base-level assumptions we must make in this exercise, because it makes me feel more scientific and not like a guy who wrote this on Sunday while watching the Belarusian Premier League (Go BATE Borisov!).
  1. All D1 teams must comply with known USSF requirements for D1 leagues (more on that later).
  2. MLS, not liking this move, will immediately remove all directly-owned affiliate clubs from the USL structure (this does not include hybrid ownerships, like San Antonio FC – NYCFC). This removes all MLS2 teams but will not affect Colorado Springs, Reno, RGVFC and San Antonio.
  3. The USL will attempt to maintain both the USL Championship and USL League One, with an eventual mind toward creating the pro/rel paradise that is promised in Relegations 3:16.
  4. All of my research regarding facility size and ownership net worth is correct – this is probably the biggest leap of faith we have to make, since googling “NAME net worth” and “CITY richest people” doesn’t seem guaranteed to return accurate results.
  5. The most a club can increase its available seating capacity to meet D1 requirements in a current stadium is no more than 1,500 seats (10% of the required 15,000). If they need to add more, they’ll need a new facility.
  6. Let’s pretend that people are VERY willing to sell. It’s commonly acknowledged that the USL is a more financially feasible route to owning a soccer club than in MLS (c.f. MLS-Charlotte’s reported $325 million expansion fee) and the USSF has some very strict requirements for D1 sanctioning. It becomes pretty apparent when googling a lot of team’s owners that this requirement isn’t met, so let’s assume everyone that can’t sells to people who meet the requirements.
(Known) USSF D1 league requirements:
- League must have 12 teams to apply and 14 teams by year three
- Majority owner must have a net worth of $40 million, and the ownership group must have a total net worth of $70 million. The value of an owned stadium is not considered when calculating this value.
- Must have teams located in the Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones
- 75% of league’s teams must be based in markets with at a metro population of at least 1 million people.
- All league stadiums must have a capacity of at least 15,000
The ideal club candidate for the USL Premiership will meet the population and capacity requirements in its current ground, which will have a grass playing surface. Of the USL Championship’s 27 independent/hybrid affiliate clubs, I did not find one club that meets all these criteria as they currently stand.
Regarding turf fields, the USSF does not have a formal policy regarding the ideal playing surface but it is generally acknowledged that grass is superior to turf. 6 of 26 MLS stadiums utilize turf, or roughly 23% of stadiums. We’ll hold a similar restriction for our top flight, so 2-3 of our top flight clubs can have turf fields. Seem fair?
Capacity is going to be the biggest issue, since the disparity between current requirements for the second-tier (5,000) and the first tier (15,000) is a pretty massive gap. Nice club you have there, triple your capacity and you’re onto something. As a result, I have taken the liberty of relocating certain (read: nearly all) clubs to new grounds, trying my utmost to keep those clubs in their current markets and –importantly--, ensure they play on grass surfaces.
So, let’s do a case-by-case evaluation and see if we can put together 12-14 teams that meet the potential requirements, because what else do you have to do?
For each club’s breakdown, anything that represents a chance from what is currently true will be underlined.
Candidate: Birmingham Legion FC
Location (Metro population): Birmingham, Ala. (1,151,801)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Legion Field (FieldTurf, 71,594)
Potential owner: Stephens Family (reported net worth $4 billion)
Notes: Birmingham has a pretty strong candidacy. Having ditched the 5,000-seater BBVA Field for Legion Field, which sits 2.4 miles away, they’ve tapped into the city’s soccer history. Legion Field hosted portions of both the men’s and women’s tournaments at the 1996 Olympics, including a 3-1 U.S. loss to Argentina that saw 83,183 pack the house. The Harbert family seemed like strong ownership contenders, but since the death of matriarch Marguerite Harbert in 2015, it’s unclear where the wealth in the family is concentrated, so the Stephens seem like a better candidate. The only real knock that I can think of is that we really want to avoid having clubs play on turf, so I’d say they’re on the bubble of our platonic ideal USL Prem.
Candidate: Charleston Battery
Location (Metro population): Charleston, S.C. (713,000)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Johnson Hagood Stadium (Grass, ~14,700)
Potential owner: Anita Zucker (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: Charleston’s candidacy isn’t looking great. Already disadvantaged due to its undersized metro population, a move across the Cooper River to Johnson Hagood Stadium is cutting it close in terms of capacity. The stadium, home to The Citadel’s football team, used to seat 21,000, before 9,300 seats on the eastern grandstand were torn down in 2017 to deal with lead paint that had been used in their construction. Renovation plans include adding 3,000 seats back in, which could hit 15,000 if they bumped it to 3,300, but throw in a required sale by HCFC, LLC (led by content-creation platform founder Rob Salvatore) to chemical magnate Anita Zucker, and you’ll see there’s a lot of ifs and ands in this proposal.
Candidate: Charlotte Independence
Location (Metro population): Charlotte, N.C. (2,569, 213)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Jerry Richardson Stadium (Turf, 15,314)
Potential owner: James Goodnight (reported net worth $9.1 billion)
Notes: Charlotte ticks a lot of the boxes. A move from the Sportsplex at Matthews to UNC-Charlotte’s Jerry Richardson stadium meets capacity requirements, but puts them on to the dreaded turf. Regrettably, nearby American Legion Memorial Stadium only seats 10,500, despite a grass playing surface. With a sizeable metro population (sixth-largest in the USL Championship) and a possible owner in software billionaire James Goodnight, you’ve got some options here. The biggest problem likely lies in direct competition for market share against a much better-funded MLS Charlotte side due to join the league in 2021.
Candidate: Hartford Athletic
Location (Metro population): Hartford, Conn. (1,214,295)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Pratt & Whitney Stadium (Grass, 38,066)
Potential owner: Ray Dalio (reported net worth $18.4 billion)
Notes: Okay, I cheated a bit here, having to relocate Hartford to Pratt & Whitney Stadium, which is technically in East Hartford, Conn. I don’t know enough about the area to know if there’s some kind of massive beef between the two cities, but the club has history there, having played seven games in 2019 while Dillon Stadium underwent renovations. If the group of local businessmen that currently own the club manage to attract Dalio to the table, we’re on to something.
Candidate: Indy Eleven
Location (Metro population): Indianapolis, Ind. (2,048,703)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Lucas Oil Stadium (Turf, 62,421)
Potential owner: Jim Irsay (reported net worth of $3 billion)
Notes: Indy Eleven are a club that are SO CLOSE to being an ideal candidate – if it weren’t for Lucas Oil Stadium’s turf playing surface. Still, there’s a lot to like in this bid. I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what current owner and founder Ersal Ozdemir is worth, but it seems like there might be cause for concern. A sale to Irsay, who also owns the NFL Indianapolis (nee Baltimore) Colts, seems likely to keep the franchise there, rather than make a half-mile move to 14,230 capacity Victory Field where the AAA Indianapolis Indians play and expand from there.
Candidate: Louisville City FC
Location (Metro population): Louisville, Ky. (1,297,310)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Lynn Family Stadium (Grass, 14,000, possibly expandable to 20,000)
Potential owner: Wayne Hughes (reported net worth $2.8 billion)
Notes: I’m stretching things a bit here. Lynn Family stadium is currently listed as having 11,700 capacity that’s expandable to 14,000, but they’ve said that the ground could hold as many as 20,000 with additional construction, which might be enough to grant them a temporary waiver from USSF. If the stadium is a no-go, then there’s always Cardinal Stadium, home to the University of Louisville’s football team, which seats 65,000 but is turf. Either way, it seems like a sale to someone like Public Storage founder Wayne Hughes will be necessary to ensure the club has enough capital.
Candidate: Memphis 901 FC
Location (Metro population): Memphis, Tenn. (1,348,260)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Liberty Bowl Stadium (Turf, 58,325)
Potential owner: Fred Smith (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: Unfortunately for Memphis, AutoZone Park’s 10,000 seats won’t cut it at the D1 level. With its urban location, it would likely prove tough to renovate, as well. Liberty Bowl Stadium more than meets the need, but will involve the use of the dreaded turf. As far as an owner goes, FedEx founder Fred Smith seems like a good local option.
Candidate: Miami FC, “The”
Location (Metro population): Miami, Fla. (6,158,824)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Riccardo Silva Stadium (FieldTurf, 20,000)
Potential owner: Riccardo Silva (reported net worth $1 billion)
Notes: Well, well, well, Silva might get his wish for top-flight soccer, after all. He’s got the money, he’s got the metro, and his ground has the capacity. There is the nagging issue of the turf, though. Hard Rock Stadium might present a solution, including a capacity of 64,767 and a grass playing surface. It is worth noting, however, that this is the first profile where I didn’t have to find a new potential owner for a club.
Candidate: North Carolina FC
Location (Metro population): Durham, N.C. (1,214,516 in The Triangle)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Carter-Finley Stadium (Grass/Turf, 57,583)
Potential owner: Steve Malik (precise net worth unknown) / Dennis Gillings (reported net worth of $1.7 billion)
Notes: We have our first “relocation” in North Carolina FC, who were forced to trade Cary’s 10,000-seat WakeMed Soccer Park for Carter-Finley Stadium in Durham, home of the NC State Wolfpack and 57,583 of their closest friends. The move is a whopping 3.1 miles, thanks to the close-knit hub that exists between Cary, Durham and Raleigh. Carter-Finley might be my favorite of the stadium moves in this exercise. The field is grass, but the sidelines are artificial turf. Weird, right? Either way, it was good enough for Juventus to play a friendly against Chivas de Guadalajara there in 2011. Maybe the move would be pushed for by new owner and medical magnate Dennis Gillings, whose British roots might inspire him to get involved in the Beautiful Game. Straight up, though, I couldn’t find a net worth for current owner Steve Malik, though he did sell his company MedFusion for $91 million in 2010, then bought it back for an undisclosed amount and sold it again for $43 million last November. I don’t know if Malik has the juice to meet D1 requirements, but I suspect he’s close.
Candidate: Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Location (Metro population): Pittsburgh, Penn. (2,362,453)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Heinz Field (Grass, 64,450)
Potential owner: Henry Hillman (reported net worth $2.5 billion)
Notes: I don’t know a ton about the Riverhounds, but this move in particular feels like depriving a pretty blue-collar club from its roots. Highmark Stadium is a no-go from a seating perspective, but the Steelers’ home stadium at Heinz Field would more than meet the requirements and have a grass surface that was large enough to be sanctioned for a FIFA friendly between the U.S. WNT and Costa Rica in 2015. As for an owner, Tuffy Shallenberger (first ballot owner name HOF) doesn’t seem to fit the USSF bill, but legendary Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Hillman might. I’m sure you’re asking, why not the Rooney Family, if they’ll play at Heinz Field? I’ll tell you: I honestly can’t seem to pin down a value for the family. The Steelers are valued at a little over a billion and rumors persist that Dan Rooney is worth $500 million, but I’m not sure. I guess the Rooneys would work too, but it’s a definite departure from an owner in Shallenberger who was described by one journalist as a guy who “wears boots, jeans, a sweater and a trucker hat.”
Candidate: Saint Louis FC
Location (Metro population): St. Louis, Mo. (2,807,338)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Busch Stadium (Grass, 45,494)
Potential owner: William DeWitt Jr. (reported net worth $4 billion)
Notes: Saint Louis has some weirdness in making the jump to D1. Current CEO Jim Kavanaugh is an owner of the MLS side that will begin play in 2022. The club’s current ground at West Community Stadium isn’t big enough, but perhaps a timely sale to Cardinals owner William DeWitt Jr. could see the club playing games at Busch Stadium, which has a well established history of hosting other sports like hockey, college football and soccer (most recently a U.S. WNT friendly against New Zealand in 2019). The competition with another MLS franchise wouldn’t be ideal, like Charlotte, but with a big enough population and cross marketing from the Cardinals, maybe there’s a winner here. Wacko idea: If Busch doesn’t pan out, send them to The Dome. Sure, it’s a 60k turf closed-in stadium, but we can go for that retro NASL feel and pay homage to our nation’s soccer history.
Candidate: Tampa Bay Rowdies
Location (Metro population): Tampa, Fla. (3,068,511)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Raymond James Stadium (Grass, 65,518)
Potential owner: Edward DeBartolo Jr. (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: This one makes me sad. Despite having never been there, I see Al Lang Stadium as an iconic part of the Rowdies experience. Current owner Bill Edwards proposed an expansion to 18,000 seats in 2016, but the move seems to have stalled out. Frustrated with the city’s lack of action, Edwards sells to one-time San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr., who uses his old NFL connections to secure a cushy lease at the home of the Buccaneers in Ray Jay, the site of a 3-1 thrashing of Antigua and Barbuda during the United States’ 2014 World Cup Qualifying campaign.
Breather. Hey, we finished the Eastern Conference teams. Why are you still reading this? Why am I still writing it? Time is a meaningless construct in 2020 my friends, we are adrift in the void, fueled only by brief flashes of what once was and what may yet still be.
Candidate: Austin Bold FC
Location (Metro population): Austin, Texas (2,168,316)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (FieldTurf, 95,594)
Potential owner: Michael Dell (reported net worth of $32.3 billion)
Notes: Anthony Precourt’s Austin FC has some unexpected competition and it comes in the form of tech magnate Michael Dell. Dell, were he to buy the club, would be one of the richest owners on our list and could flash his cash in the new first division. Would he have enough to convince Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (I’m not kidding, that’s its actual name) to go back to a grass surface, like it did from ’96-’08? That’s between Dell and nearly 100,000 UT football fans, but everything can be had for the right price.
Candidate: Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
Location (Metro population): Colorado Springs, Colo. (738,939)
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Falcon Stadium (FieldTurf, 46,692)
Potential owner: Charles Ergen (reported net worth $10.8 billion)
Notes: Welcome to Colorado Springs. We have hurdles. For the first time in 12 candidates, we’re back below the desired 1 million metro population mark. Colorado Springs actually plans to build a $35 million, 8,000 seat venue downtown that will be perfect for soccer, but in our timeline that’s 7,000 seats short. Enter Falcon Stadium, home of the Air Force Academy Falcons football team. Seems perfect except for the turf, right? Well, the tricky thing is that Falcon Stadium is technically on an active military base and is (I believe) government property. Challenges to getting in and out of the ground aside, the military tends to have a pretty grim view of government property being used by for-profit enterprises. Maybe Charles Ergen, founder and chairman of Dish Network, would be able to grease the right wheels, but you can go ahead and throw this into the “doubtful” category. It’s a shame, too. 6,035 feet of elevation is one hell of a home-field advantage.
Candidate: El Paso Locomotive FC
Location: El Paso, Texas
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Sun Bowl (FieldTurf, 51,500)
Potential owner: Paul Foster (reported net worth $1.7 billion)
Notes: God bless Texas. When compiling this list, I found so many of the theoretical stadium replacements were nearly serviceable by high school football fields. That’s insane, right? Anyway, Locomotive don’t have to settle for one of those, they’ve got the Sun Bowl, which had its capacity reduced in 2001 to a paltry 51,500 (from 52,000) specifically to accommodate soccer. Sure, it’s a turf surface, but what does new owner Paul Foster (who is only the 1,477th wealthiest man in the world, per Forbes) care, he’s got a team in a top league. Side note: Did you know that the Sun Bowl college football game is officially, through sponsorship, the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl? Why is it not the Frosted Flakes Sun Bowl? Why is the cereal mascot the promotional name of the football game? What are you doing, Kellogg’s?
Candidate: Las Vegas Lights FC
Location: Las Vegas, Nev. (2,227,053)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Allegiant Stadium (Grass, 61,000)
Potential owner: Sheldon Adelson (reported net worth $37.7 billion)
Notes: Sin City. You had to know that the club that once signed Freddy Adu because “why not” was going to go all out in our flashy hypothetical proposal. Thanks to my narrative control of this whole thing, they have. Adelson is the second-richest owner in the league and has decided to do everything first class. That includes using the new Raiders stadium in nearby unincorporated Paradise, Nevada, and spending boatloads on high profile transfers. Zlatan is coming back to the U.S., confirmed.
Candidate: New Mexico United
Location: Albuquerque, N.M.
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Isotopes Park – officially Rio Grande Credit Union Field at Isotopes Park (Grass, 13,500 – 15,000 with expansion)
Potential owner: Maloof Family (reported net worth $1 billion)
Notes: New Mexico from its inception went deep on the community vibe, and I’ve tried to replicate that in this bid. The home field of Rio Grande Cr---I’m not typing out the whole thing—Isotopes Park falls just within the expansion rules we set to make it to 15,000 (weird, right?) and they’ve found a great local ownership group in the Lebanese-American Maloof (formerly Maalouf) family from Las Vegas. The only thing to worry about would be the metro population, but overall, this could be one of the gems of USL Prem.
Candidate: Oklahoma City Energy FC
Location: Oklahoma City, Okla. (1,396,445)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (Grass, 13,066)
Potential owner: Harold Hamm (reported net worth $14.2 billion)
Notes: There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow and it says it’s time to change stadiums and owners to make it to D1. A sale to oil magnate Harold Hamm would give the club the finances it needs, but Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (home of the OKC Dodgers) actually falls outside of the boundary of what would meet capacity if 1,500 seats were added. Could the club pull off a move to Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma – home of the Oklahoma Sooners? Maybe, but at 20 miles, this would be a reach.
Candidate: Orange County SC
Location: Irvine, Calif. (3,176, 000 in Orange County)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Angels Stadium of Anaheim (Grass, 43,250)
Potential owner: Arte Moreno (reported net worth $3.3 billion)
Notes: You’ll never convince me that Rangers didn’t choose to partner with Orange County based primarily on its name. Either way, a sale to MLB Angels owner Arte Moreno produces a fruitful partnership, with the owner choosing to play his newest club out of the existing Angels stadium in OC. Another baseball conversion, sure, but with a metro population of over 3 million and the closest thing this hypothetical league has to an LA market, who’s complaining?
Candidate: Phoenix Rising FC
Location: Phoenix, Ariz. (4,857,962)
Time zone: Arizona
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): State Farm Stadium (Grass, 63,400)
Potential owner: Ernest Garcia II (reported net worth $5.7 billion)
Notes: We’re keeping it local with new owner and used car guru Ernest Garcia II. His dad owned a liquor store and he dropped out of college, which is making me feel amazing about my life choices right now. Casino Arizona Field is great, but State Farm Stadium is a grass surface that hosted the 2019 Gold Cup semifinal, so it’s a clear winner. Throw in Phoenix’s massive metro population and this one looks like a lock.
Candidate: Reno 1868 FC
Location: Reno, Nev. (425,417)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Mackay Stadium (FieldTurf, 30,000)
Potential owner: Nancy Walton Laurie (reported net worth $7.1 billion)
Notes: The Biggest Little City on Earth has some serious barriers to overcome, thanks to its low metro population. A sale to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie and 1.6 mile-move to Mackay Stadium to split space with the University of Nevada, Reno makes this bid competitive, but the turf surface is another knock against it.
Candidate: Rio Grande Valley FC
Location: Edinburg, Texas (900,304)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): McAllen Memorial Stadium (FieldTurf, 13,500 – 15,000 with expansion)
Potential owner: Alice Louise Walton (reported net worth $45 billion)
Notes: Yes, I have a second straight Walmart heiress on the list. She was the first thing that popped up when I googled “McAllen Texas richest people.” The family rivalry has spurred Walton to buy a club as well, moving them 10 miles to McAllen Memorial Stadium which, as I alluded to earlier, is a straight up high school football stadium with a full color scoreboard. Toss in an additional 1,500 seats and you’ve met the minimum, despite the turf playing surface.
Candidate: San Antonio FC
Location: San Antonio, Texas (2,550,960)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Alamodome (FieldTurf, 64,000)
Potential owner: Red McCombs (reported net worth $1.6 billion)
Notes: I wanted to keep SAFC in the Spurs family, since the franchise is valued at $1.8 billion. That said, I didn’t let the Rooneys own the Riverhounds based on the Steelers’ value and it felt wrong to change the rules, so bring on Clear Channel co-founder Red McCombs. Toyota Field isn’t viable in the first division, but for the Alamodome, which was built in 1993 in hopes of attracting an NFL franchise (and never did), San Antonio can finally claim having *a* national football league team in its town (contingent on your definition of football). Now if only we could do something about that turf…
Candidate: San Diego Loyal SC
Location: San Diego, Calif. (3,317,749)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm) (Grass, 70,561)
Potential owner: Phil Mickelson (reported net worth $91 million)
Notes: Yes, golf’s Phil Mickelson. The existing ownership group didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to meet requirements, and Phil seemed to slot right in. As an athlete himself, he might be interesting in the new challenges of a top flight soccer team. Toss in a move to the former home of the chargers and you might have a basis for tremendous community support.
Candidate: FC Tulsa
Location: Tulsa, Okla. (991,561)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium (FieldTurf, 30,000)
Potential owner: George Kaiser ($10 billion)
Notes: I’m a fan of FC Tulsa’s rebrand, but if they want to make the first division, more changes are necessary. A sale to Tulsa native and one of the 100 richest men in the world George Kaiser means that funding is guaranteed. A move to Chapman Stadium would provide the necessary seats, despite the turf field. While the undersize population might be an issue at first glance, it’s hard to imagine U.S. Soccer not granting a waiver over a less than a 10k miss from the mark.
And that’s it! You made it. Those are all of the independent/hybrid affiliates in the USL Championship, which means that it’s time for our…
VERDICT: As an expert who has studied this issue for almost an entire day now, I am prepared to pronounce which USL Championships could be most ‘ready” for a jump to the USL Prem. A reminder that of the 27 clubs surveyed, 0 of them met our ideal criteria (proper ownership $, metro population, 15,000+ stadium with grass field).
Two of them, however, met almost all of those criteria: Indy Eleven and Miami FC. Those two clubs may use up two of our three available turf fields right from the outset, but the other factors they hit (particularly Silva’s ownership of Miami) makes them difficult, if not impossible to ignore for the top flight.
But who fill in the rest of the slots? Meet the entire 14-team USL Premier League:
Hartford Athletic
Indy Eleven
Louisville City FC
Miami FC
North Carolina FC
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Saint Louis FC
San Antonio FC
New Mexico United
Phoenix Rising FC
Las Vegas Lights FC
Orange County SC
San Diego Loyal SC
Now, I shall provide my expert rationale for each club’s inclusion/exclusion, which can be roughly broken down into four categories.
Firm “yes”
Hartford Athletic: It’s a good market size with a solid stadium. With a decent investor and good community support, you’ve got potential here.
Indy Eleven: The turf at Lucas Oil Stadium is no reason to turn down a 62,421 venue and a metro population of over 2 million.
Louisville City FC: Why doesn’t the 2017 & 2018 USL Cup champion deserve a crack at the top flight? They have the market size, and with a bit of expansion have the stadium at their own SSS. LCFC, you’re in.
Miami FC, “The”: Our other blue-chip recruit on the basis of ownership value, market size and stadium capacity. Yes, that field is turf, but how could you snub Silva’s chance to claim victory as the first division 1 club soccer team to play in Miami?
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC: Pittsburgh sacrificed a lot to be here (according to my arbitrary calculations). Their market size and the potential boon of soccer at Heinz Field is an important inclusion to the league.
Saint Louis FC: Willie hears your “Busch League” jokes, Willie don’t care. A huge market size, combined with the absence of an NFL franchise creates opportunity. Competition with the MLS side, sure, but St. Louis has serious soccer history and we’re willing to bet it can support two clubs.
Tampa Bay Rowdies: With a huge population and a massive stadium waiting nearby, Tampa Bay seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up for the USL Prem.
Las Vegas Lights FC: Ostentatious, massive and well-financed, Las Vegas Lights FC is everything that the USL Premier League would need to assert that it didn’t intend to play second fiddle to MLS. Players will need to be kept on a short leash, but this is a hard market to pass up on.
Phoenix Rising FC: Huge population, big grass field available nearby and a solid history of success in recent years. No brainer.
San Diego Loyal SC: New club? Yes, massive population in a market that recently lost an absolutely huge sports presence? Also yes. This could be the USL Prem’s Seattle.
Cautious “yes”
New Mexico United: You have to take a chance on New Mexico United. The club set the league on fire with its social media presence and its weight in the community when it entered the league last season. The market may be slightly under USSF’s desired 1 million, but fervent support (and the ability to continue to use Isotopes Park) shouldn’t be discounted.
North Carolina FC: Carter-Finley’s mixed grass/turf surface is a barrier, to be sure, but the 57,000+ seats it offers (and being enough to offset other fully-turf offerings) is enough to put it in the black.
Orange County SC: It’s a top-tier club playing in a MLB stadium. I know it seems unlikely that USSF would approve something like that, but believe me when I say “it could happen.” Orange County is a massive market and California likely needs two clubs in the top flight.
San Antonio FC: Our third and only voluntary inclusion to the turf fields in the first division, we’re counting on San Antonio’s size and massive potential stadium to see it through.
Cautious “no”
Birmingham Legion FC: The town has solid soccer history and a huge potential venue, but the turf playing surface puts it on the outside looking in.
Memphis 901 FC: Like Birmingham, not much to dislike here outside of the turf playing surface at the larger playing venue.
Austin Bold FC: See the other two above.
FC Tulsa: Everything’s just a little bit off with this one. Market’s slightly too small, stadium has turf. Just not enough to put it over the top.
Firm “no”
Charleston Battery: Small metro and a small potential new stadium? It’s tough to say yes to the risk.
Charlotte Independence: A small new stadium and the possibility of having to compete with an organization that just paid over $300 million to join MLS means it’s best for this club to remain in the USL Championship.
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC: When a club’s best chance to meet a capacity requirement is to host games at a venue controlled by the military, that doesn’t speak well to a club’s chances.
El Paso Locomotive FC: An undersized market and a turf field that meets capacity requirements is the death knell for this one.
Oklahoma City Energy FC: Having to expand a baseball field to meet requirements is a bad start. Having to potentially play 20 miles away from your main market is even worse.
Reno 1868 FC: Population nearly a half-million short of the federation’s requirements AND a turf field at the hypothetical new stadium makes impossible to say yes to this bid.
Rio Grande Valley FC: All the seat expansions in the world can’t hide the fact that McAllen Memorial Stadium is a high school stadium through and through.
Here’s who’s left in the 11-team Championship:
Birmingham Legion FC
Charleston Battery
Charlotte Independence
Memphis 901 FC
Austin Bold FC
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
El Paso Locomotive FC
Oklahoma City Energy FC
Reno 1868 FC
Rio Grande Valley FC
FC Tulsa
With MLS folding the six affiliates it has in USL League One, the league is a little bit thin (especially considering USSF’s requirements for 8 teams for lower level leagues), but seems definitely able to expand up to the necessary numbers with Edwards’ allusions to five new additions this year:
Chattanooga Red Wolves SC
Forward Madison FC
Greenville Triumph SC
Union Omaha
Richmond Kickers
South Georgia Tormenta
FC Tucson
Format of Assorted Leagues – This (like everything in this post) is pure conjecture on my part, but here are my thoughts on how these leagues might function in a first year while waiting for additional expansion.
USL Premier – We’ll steal from the 12-team Scottish Premiership. Each club plays the other 11 clubs 3 times, with either one or two home matches against each side. When each club has played 33 matches, the top six and bottom six separate, with every club playing an additional five matches (against each other team in its group). The top club wins the league. The bottom club is automatically relegated. The second-bottom club will enter a two-legged playoff against someone (see below) from the championship playoffs.
USL Championship -- 11 clubs is a challenge to schedule for. How about every club plays everyone else three times (either one or two home matches against each side)? Top four clubs make the playoffs, which are decided by two-legged playoffs. The winner automatically goes up. I need feedback on the second part – is it better to have the runner-up from the playoffs face the second-bottom club from the Premiership, or should the winner of the third-place match-up get the chance to face them to keep drama going in both playoff series? As for relegation, we can clearly only send down the last place club while the third division is so small.
USL League One – While the league is so small, it doesn’t seem reasonable to have the clubs play as many matches as the higher divisions. Each club could play the other six clubs four times – twice at home and twice away – for a very equitable 24-match regular season, which would help restrict costs and still provide a chance to determine a clear winner. Whoever finishes top of the table goes up.
And there you have it, a hypothetical look at how the USL could build a D1 league right now. All it would take is a new stadium for almost the entire league and new owners for all but one of the 27 clubs, who wouldn’t feel that their property would be massively devalued if they got relegated.
Well that’s our show. I’m curious to see what you think of all of this, especially anything that you think I may have overlooked (I’m sure there’s plenty). Anyway, I hope you’re all staying safe and well.
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SoCal 18+ casinos?

Live in New England, usually go to Rhode Island casinos as they’re all 18+. Possibly visiting LA/San Diego area, know of any casinos out there that I can visit?
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My roommates girlfriend is accusing me of stealing $5000

I live in a two bedroom apartment, in march of this year I broke up with my girlfriend and I needed to find a roommate. The first thing I did was put the feelers out with some of my neighbors. One of my neighbors had a friend that had just moved to San Diego and was staying on his couch while looking for permanent residence. I didn’t know my neighbor super well but he had a big fat bulldog named Porkroll so that was enough to earn my trust.
“Guy” moved in. He was a chef by trade and for the first few weeks I never saw him, his 14 to 15 hour shifts at the restaurant made his life sleep work sleep work repeat. He paid his rent and utilities quickly and was almost never home, and when he was he brought me food.
The perfect roommate. Then Covid happened.
He was laid off from the restaurant. I received a text asking me if his girlfriend from Chicago could move in with us, he said that she was cool and they would use the free time to find a place of their own. Both turned out to be false.
Over the months of the quarantine they would fight to no end, it seemed like almost every night. Screaming matches that would go into the early hours of the morning. A few of them got to the point where other neighbors had called the police for a domestic disturbance.
At this point it would be hard to describe how much I dislike “Girl” but one of my first interactions with her describes it best.
Guy made ramen, he spent all day making a broth, even made some pot stickers, and I thought it was great. She hated it, apparently it was so bad she couldn’t get through Jumanji 2 and had to leave to get other food. It appalled her so much he was no longer allowed to cook their meals. A chef.
Also one of their fights got to the point that he was speeding off in his car and she threw one of my glasses at him, shattering it. It was a pint glass that had a e-card meme on it that said “looks like it’s fuck this shit o’clock” with a guy throwing papers in the air. In the grand scheme of things it's not that important but it was a christmas gift from my sister in 2011 and I considered it a prized possession.
The way the apartment is setup I have a bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom, which allowed me to interact with them as little as possible.For the most part that ment I only needed to interact with them when necessary. Necessary being when a homeless guy was standing around our stairwell and Girl took an unloaded paintball gun to scare him off with mock gunfire. So most nights they use my TV that is in the living room, watching youtube videos on my account. This doesn’t bother me but it does let me see their entire watch history.
The only thing they watch is about gambeling. I mean I can’t judge. I'll watch hours of people doing metal work, using lathes and welding when I have no way to do it myself. But the thing they watch the most is slots, people live streaming themselves at casinos playing high roller slot machines and winning large sums of money.
About a month ago it was night and they had been gone all day. There is a knock on the door at 4 am, it's Girl. She said they were at one of the Indian gaming casinos and she doesn’t know where Guy is. He showed up late the next day, and was an absolute wreck.
Two weeks ago they let me know they were going to Vegas now that things are starting to reopen. They were gone for a week, which I can only describe as pure bliss, and came back without issue.
Saturday 6/20 I carpool with my parents up to North County San Diego to spend the weekend at my brothers, my first time seeing my family and not sleeping in my room in four months, a true vacation. My sister-in-law is pregnant so for health and safety reasons she asked if I could get a hotel room. Yes ma’am, vacation.
Sunday 6/21 at 9am I get a text from Guy.
“Theres been a large sum of money stollen from myself and Girl as of last night
I'm contacting the police to file a police report.
Can you please give me the landlords number to go through the proper channels, locks need to be changed and all the proper details need to be followed to get to the bottom of what has happened.
Girl and myself will seek additional help to recover all losses
It’s unfortunate this is happening on father’s day.
But it needs to be addressed,
I'm a musician and a nerd, so my first thought was about my gear in my bedroom and my computers. I asked if he could go into my room to see if anything was taken but he doesn’t respond.
My father had passed the Bar in New Orleans in the 80’s but now does commercial marine insurance. He let me take his car to go back down to see what was going on. Because Guy wasn’t responding, I called the Neighbor with the bull dog, he agreed to go in my room and confirmed that my music gear and tech were there as I described it.
I arrive, Girl is in their bedroom with the door closed, Guy is sitting at a table in our common area on the computer. looking back, this is when I realize that I might be a little naive. Because I’ve lived my life outside the long arm of the law (aside from traffic and parking tickets) It did not occur to me that they would be accusing me of stealing the money, but from his tone I could tell something was weird. In the common area they had two sets of golf clubs, he said she had her purse in her golf bag and it had $5000 cash inside and that it was stolen. I asked if they had taken the golf clubs out while it was in there and he said yes but it was always close to them so it was in eyesight the whole time.
My first thought was leave the situation and call your dad for advice.
As I have never been in a situation like this I honestly didn’t know what to do. What he told me was:
Directly ask him if I am being accused of stealing the money, and if he says yes say I didn’t do it. After that don’t say anything without legal counsel present. I did that.
Girl bursts out the door enraged and screaming. I said one thing “ I am not going to talk about this without legal counsel present” she said many, many things, here are the highlights.
“I know you did it you fucking crack head whitetrash peice of shit. I know people, we're getting your fingerprints and you are going down. Make it easy on yourself just give us back the money.
Just give us back the money and everything will be ok for you.
Just give us back the money
Just give us back the money
Just give us back the money”
It was like that but many more times and a lot louder and meaner.
I left the apartment and went across the street to call non-emergency, I told them I didn’t feel safe, described Guy and Girl, and they showed up 4 hours later.
The officers had already talked to Guy and Girl when they talked to me. They asked me If I took the money and I said no. They said it would be a lot easier if I just gave the money back. I said I didn’t take the money. They said you know they will be pressing charges. I said yes. I asked if I was free to go and they said yes. I put all my computers, and musical instruments in the car and drove back up to my brothers. While driving my sisters, who are enraged, look up Guy and Girl and find that Girl has from what we can tell at least 4 arrests in Chicago, the one we could see was for assault and battery.
Spent the rest of fathers day with my family, we had Whiteclaw, and tacos.
I am now back at the hotel, at around 11pm, Girl sends me a text. Apparently Guy gave her my number, she didn’t have it before.
From my Dad's advice I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I did.
“I really don’t understand why you guys are doing this. I know you haven't known me that long but I can’t believe you actually think I stole money from you. And more importantly, and this should be obvious:
If this goes to court it will be a monumental waste of time and money for both of us.
First off, I didn’t steal the money, so if you launch some sort of investigation nothing will be found.
From a quick internet search Girl has a multiple arrest record from Chicago.
Two weeks ago you both spent a week in Vegas where you would have clearly had time to spend the money.
Because it’s my youtube account on the TV there is a clear history of you guys watching videos that revolve around slots and gambling.
Absolutely nothing about your accusations makes any sense.
But the most important thing is, and I genuinely suggest you take this in full consideration:
Through my family I have access to legal counsel, that if this does go to court, will turn it into a complete fucking bloodbath.
Please, I beg you, save both of us the wasted time and money and just walk away.”
She responded:
“You’re a white trash crackhead thief. ON THE TABLE BY MORNING 9AM SHARP”
Yeah so now it's 2 am and i'm in a hotel room in northern San Diego.
All in all, not the worst fathers day I've had but close.
While my father did practice Law in the 80’s and so far all of his advice has seemed correct. I figured it might be beneficial to ask some questions.
Is a restraining order necessary? I’m sure I can look up how to get one but do I need to?
Can I kick them out? My landlord told me we can give them a 30 notice to leave but I’m not sure if the covid thing affects that.
And honestly I would never do this because I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body but what legal action could I take towards them if any?
Alright, the adrenaline is wearing off, thanks for listening.
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If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Feb 19, 2020, updated periodically...Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: /CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

What else is happening in China

The Unknowns

What's happening outside of China

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!
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The Cove Pool Area at Pechanga - Full Walkthrough Tour

Sun-drenched SeaWorld San Diego is the sum of its parts and so much more. It’s an aquarium, a thrill-ride theme park, an animal research facility, and a circ... La policía comenzó una investigación luego de recibir reportes de vecinos sobre actividad sospechosa en el área y presencia de personas en el negocio las 24 ... Driving Downtown - San Deigo California USA - Episode 49.Starting Point: Broadway - .San Diego is a major city in California,... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. San Diego is one of the best places to jam with family and friends but should you invest in their real estate market? Kris Krohn is here to answer that question! At the end of the day, the basic ... 7 BEST San Diego Restaurants! Food tour with sushi, pizza, burgers, tacos, and more. - Duration: 10:25. Female Foodie 32,477 views See all features of The Cove including the pools, swim up bar, game area, family pool area, changing areas, water slides and splash pads. My full review of Pechanga Resort with Kids: http ... THE FIRST ever BARONA CASINO video from the BBH crew and a CLASSIC BY ANY Means.. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND . the Barona Ballors Video. Barona Valley Ranch Reso... Review of Pala Casino RV Resort, one of many popular San Diego Casinos. More Campground Videos: Shop on Amazon Keep up with me on Insta! or chat with me on Twitch: - -Songs used: San Francisco by AL'...